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Tobey Maguire Daily's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Tobey Maguire Daily

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Help! [Sunday the 10th, 10.26AM]

[ mood | cheerful ]

tobeyfan.com is going on hiatus unless someone is willing to help. I would be happy to try it, but the person has to have some basic HTML knowledge and you must be a fan of Tobey.

So if there's someone that would like to help with the site, then feel to to contact the mods at tobeyF@gmail.com, and this will keep the site out of hiatus.

Thank you!

I have sent pictures and news there to help and will continue to do that if someone is found to help.

X-posted at all_about_tobey, tobeymaguire and tobey_slash!

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New Community! [Sunday the 23rd, 09.44AM]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

young tobey [Monday the 25th, 02.05PM]

He looks so goofy

this ones kinda bigCollapse )
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tobey tobey everywhere [Monday the 18th, 12.53AM]

Okey, I am in need a specific tobey graphics, and I'm thinking this you would be the group to ask. I need body shots... but not the sort you all thought of first. I need just shots of him standing, so that i can see most of his body. I'm working on an art project, that I'll be sure to share when it's complete.

And to uphold the rule of posting a tobey pic with every entry, I shall include an icon i made for my friend. He wanted a Keira Knightley icon... but he's well aware of my tobey obsession interest... so this is what he ended up getting.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


I so clever.
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Cuteness [Thursday the 14th, 01.14AM]


Be Alive Members!
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[Monday the 11th, 10.41AM]

Couple of pictures of Tobey with short hair.

I hope you like these!

TobeyCollapse )

Crossposted at all_about_tobey!

Firts official post [Thursday the 7th, 11.57AM]
Here's the first official post of maguire_daily. I love this one...

Tobey in a suitCollapse )
If you're a member, don't be shy to post!

All Tobey Maguire Fans [Wednesday the 6th, 10.02PM]


To all Tobey Maguire Fans, here's a new community that allows fans to show their love for Tobey by means of pictures. Join today and post pictures, icons, and other graphics of Tobey Maguire. Have fun!

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